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Firefox is one of the widely used web browsers for Windows, Mac, and Linux. They also serve as an operating system for many smartphones which includes Android and iOS devices. The web browser was developed by the Mozilla Corporation and is better known as Mozilla Firefox among the masses. Mozilla Firefox was introduced to the world in the year 2004, after which it dominated over the then existing popular Microsoft browser(Internet Explorer) by having over 60 million downloads within nine months of its release.
 Mozilla Firefox customer service
The Firefox web browser provides features like tabbed browsing, live bookmarking, smart bookmarks, private browsing, a download manager and lots more. Additionally, it also has inbuilt tools, such as error console, the DOM Inspector, Firebug and so on and so forth. Such high contrast in features and tools is what makes it one among the top web browsers of the world.

Common problems of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Firewall compatibility and antivirus scan could not be matched.
  • Installing the malicious software and viruses.
  • Slowing down the performance of the system.
  • Browser Not responding.

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Support provided by Mozilla Firefox Customer Service:

Mozilla Firefox offers a varied range of services to ensure a smooth browsing experience for its clients. With increased features and tools comes increased complexity and increased requirement of knowledge. Our Firefox team is aware of this, and hence, we make no compromises in our customer services. We have a dedicated team looking for the customer care department which offers support through phone calls, online live support, tech support and chat support for any technical help related to our products.

How to Reach Us:

We took the initiative to make it easier for our clients to reach us through any of the following methods.

Give Us a Call :

We understand there may be situations when you need immediate help and cannot spare time for chats and guidelines. Thus, we have our customer care phone number +1-888-524-3101 readily available for our clients on an urgent basis. Give us a call, and we will connect you with our experts who will help you sort out the problem.

Support via Email :

if you face any problem or technical difficulty with any Firefox product available in the market, our tech support team can immediately help you via different modes available. You can contact our customer service via email. You just need to write us your problems with the help of our Contact Us page and tech support team will reach you out with a solution.

Support via Chat:

Whenever you need any technical help related to a problem or inquiry you can always contact our chat support team. Our chat support team or the online live support team is always available. An expert would be connected to you instantly once you message us through the chat option available on our website. You can chat with the person and solve your problems and queries as you like.

We try to serve you with the best Mozilla firefox Customer Services possible. If you still have any queries, help us reach you through any of the methods above available on our website. Our technical experts are present all around the world, and we will get our best hands to attend to your needs. We will diagnose every problem and help you sort it out with the best we can.